Our Impact

After raising funds through its fundraising events, Denver Active 20-30 distributes the money back into the community via a formal and extensive grant application and review process. As the individual members have worked countless hours in raising the funds, Denver Active 20-30 makes every effort to ensure that the money is used to generate the greatest good for the children. Because of the bond created between Denver Active 20-30 and the charities it supports, it is essential that all funds raised have the greatest impact in the community. To be considered for donations, a charity must submit their information via an online form prior to the deadline in mid-to-late summer. After applying, a Denver Active 20-30 member then contacts the charity to begin the review process. Denver Active 20-30 conducts reviews of each applying agency and determines its giving slate during the 4th and 1st quarter of each year.

To apply for funding, please click the link below and complete the grant application.

Apply for Funding